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The new Steeles are here! The new Steeles are here!

Per this post at Tomahawk Nation.

He has Georgia listed as the highest ranked team from the SEC East, at #11.

Only one Dawg – Brandon Coutu – makes any of his four AA teams.

Be still, my heart.


UPDATE: Orson scores a copy.


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“This is not the ‘People’s Court’ like you see on TV.”

Mr. Terry loses his first round in court. No word on whether that’s it:

Eddie Christian Jr., a Fort Smith attorney representing Terry, said he wasn’t yet sure whether he would amend his filing.


UPDATE:  Keep hope alive.

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P-44, baby!

Those of you who have perceived some anti-Georgia bias on the part of ESPN’s (and formerly the AJ-C’s) Mark Schlabach need to read this story.

Red helmet, football, sea of orange – you know it’s gonna be OK.  (photo courtesy AP/Wade Payne)


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An “It’s Just Bidness” roundup

  • Somehow, I think it’s silly to suggest that Mitch Mustain has enrolled at Southern Cal in hopes that his career will culminate in being a backup QB on Sundays.  But maybe that’s just me.
  • This strikes me as wishful thinking of the first order.
  • Why do obviously smart people come off sounding so dumb on certain things?
  • I don’t know what’s weirder:  reading a New York Times article on recruiting, or finding out that there’s a big time football recruit in 2007 that doesn’t own a cellphone.  How in the hell does Urban Meyer stay in touch with the kid?


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He may not be closing the borders, but he’s making sure those visas are temporary.

I posted previously that one consequence of Mark Richt relinquishing the offensive coordinator’s reins to Mike Bobo would be to allow Richt to spend more time on recruiting.

Loran Smith has more on Richt’s time management and recruiting.

… While he is cutting back on several fronts, Richt has accelerated the pace in one key area – recruiting.

Recently, on an evening drive from Callaway Gardens to Athens, he spent much of the trip on his cell phone talking to prospects – with very few personal references, his selling pitch focusing on Georgia, what the school is, what he wants the program to be, and how the prospect can fit in. Richt is a good and smooth salesman, but not insincere or self serving. It is not “what I am,” but “what Georgia offers.”

He has been exuberant privately over recent commitments (eleven to date). Some of the very best players are eager to become Bulldogs…

Judging from this, it looks like that’s paying off for Coach Richt.


UPDATE: The AJ-C has more on Richt and recruiting here.

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If the shuffle fits

ArtofTroy has posted a Sports Illustrated article from 1969 about USC’s starting QB from that season.

Check out that opening line:

When Mr. Simpson shuffled off to Buffalo, USC fans braced for some barren years, but last week sophomore quarterback Jimmy Jones gave the Trojans a heartening start toward another Rose Bowl.

Song lyric or no song lyric, I think it’s safe to say that the PC police today would go nuts over any reference to an African-American athlete shuffling off anywhere.  It’s definitely a different era.

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