Making the rounds, bloggy style


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  1. Saban is a sad look into the soul of the average human being.


  2. LD

    Heisman Pundit’s post on scheduling in the SEC, I feel, is problematic, not just passe.


  3. LD, the cynic in me thinks that he just put those two posts up to generate some traffic from SEC fans.


  4. LD

    Perhaps, but I don’t think he cares as much about the traffic as “staying on message”. I’ve always got the feeling that he views college football analysis as almost a partisan activity. His party is the Pac-10, and the opposing side is the SEC. And scoring points against the opposition is more important than logical consistency, detailed research, etc.

    And a shiny wooden nickel says that he shows up here and posts a comment that starts with “I found this thread via Google Alerts…[and you’re all idiots]”. There’s a pattern:

    1) Let person know that he’d never find such a lowly blog if not for an aggregator.

    2) Act offended that someone dares speak about him in such a lowly forum (something like “bet you thought you could get away with saying such horrible things here when you could never do it at my blog”).

    3) Disregard any substantive arguments.

    4) Ad Hominem attack.

    5) “Retort” with entirely unrelated argument (something like, “it speaks volumes how you didn’t even mention…”)

    6) Finish with flourish about how he won’t be back to such a lowly blog to see any rebuttals.

    It’s awesome. (and that’s the cynic in me!)


  5. Pretty good impression there, LD.

    Maybe that’s what comes with the realization that college football fans are more passionate about the SEC than the Heisman Trophy…