Tim Tebow wears jean shorts.

Mergz, buddy, this one’s for you.

One thing’s for sure: it’s impossible to look badass in jorts and open-toed sandals.

(h/t Loser with Socks)


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23 responses to “Tim Tebow wears jean shorts.

  1. That’s great. Preacher’s son, ya know.. But he’ll still get laid plenty if he chooses — in spite of jorts.


  2. Oh, yeah, no doubt. To slow the babes down, he’d have to grow a mullet and a wispy mustache…


  3. That is freakin’ hilarious.

    Someone over at Loser with Socks is a photoshop genius.


  4. Charlotte

    Does he have a Carebear tattoo????


  5. Don’t know how I missed this one. Very funny.


  6. I’m thinking it might make a great WLOCP T-shirt. Just put Matt with a keg on the other side. 😉


  7. eric y

    eric y and jay whitlow and sammie all agree that this photo should be edited to show waste up, only.
    jay whitlow and eric y and sammie


  8. Chad

    Wow… this isnt a bad photoshop at all


  9. Justin

    Wow…maybe one day this site will be somewhere near the level of EDSBS.


  10. Hmm… Justin, not sure if you’re knocking my blog or theirs, but I’m pretty much in awe of what EDSBS does.

    If you’re trying to insult me, feel free not to drop back in. 😉


  11. JT

    Wow horrible photoshop job.


  12. Interesting that this guy is wearing the same jorts and sandals. Gee I wonder which one is photoshopped?



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  14. Philly

    Idiots. This is taken from an SI.com interview:

    SI.com: Some fun questions now. How many pairs of jorts (jean shorts) do you own?

    TT: (Laughs) I don’t have a pair of jean shorts. I did when I was younger. I’m not going to lie. That picture [circulating on the Internet of Tebow wearing jorts] is fake. I think people just Photoshopped that in. I haven’t worn jean shorts in awhile.


  15. You notice he didn’t say anything about the tattoo. 🙂


  16. RJW

    Doesn’t get anymore bad ass when you have tight jean shorts coupled with Birkenstock hippie sandals…typical UF student…I hate the Gators…fuck UF…and fuck Brian Rivers


  17. Steve

    typical UF student…I did not know Tebow was that trendy…oh yeah and Brian Rivers is a turd burglar


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  19. lsu all da way

    tim tebow…wat can i say…just lookin at him hes just such a double studly guy banger…i mean jean shorts and sandels. im surprised he doesnt wear socks with them. i mean good Lord he sucks so bad it makes me want to throw up. this saturday LSU IS GONA KICK HIS MOFO ASS and charels scott is gona win the heisman…believe dat


  20. brianna

    omg that is so fake!! i black guys with white legs?? ok??


  21. TeeTee

    Now that it’s some months later and Tebow has kept his promise to his fans, the Gators are UNDEFEATED!! Tebow DID win the Heisman and he BROKE Walker’s record in rushes. What you Gator haters fail to understand is that the more you talk ish and spew hate the more people like Tebow feed off that. That was the fuel he needed to help him get his job done. If ya’ll had kept ya’ll mouths shut maybe it would have been a SLIGHTLY different outcome…I doubt it though. But anyway….we now have the Tide left to beat and then Tebow and the Gators will leave a record of being UNDEFEATED and ANOTHER SEC Chamionship behind for ya’ll to hate on some more, jorts, sandals and all. I also noticed that the last entry was back in June ’09….hmm…I guess Tebow and them Gators shut them asses up!
    Next headline: Florida Gators, 2009 SEC National Champions!!! Now hate on that!!



    • DawgBiscuit

      “But anyway….we now have the Tide left to beat and then Tebow and the Gators will leave a record of being UNDEFEATED and ANOTHER SEC Chamionship…”

      So how’d that work out for you?