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You should be so lucky.

This is a complete load of rubbish.

That’s not to say that committing early isn’t the right decision for these kids – if it’s what they believe is best for themselves, then it is, of course – but, c’mon, “Not many of their peers will be as lucky”?

Yeah, “…they will most likely have a senior year they can enjoy without worrying about Steve Spurrier calling them during social studies.”  That’s enough to keep me up at night.


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“For me, it will give me more games to go to, which is really my only ambition.”

It turns out that one of the founders of the All American Football League is a Georgia fan.

As the article acknowledges, the whole venture has a kind of loose, seat of your pants feel to it – maybe Bernie Machen should apply to be the first commissioner – but at least these guys do seem to have a basic grasp of their target market.

“Now, will people come out to see a game between Birmingham and Detroit? Maybe not,” Katz said.

“But if they come out to see a team with a bunch of ex-Alabama graduates that didn’t play in the NFL playing a team dressed in blue and orange from Gainesville that wants to beat the (heck) out of ’em just because it’s a team from Alabama, then maybe we have a shot.”

And you have to like this goal:

Katz said the University of Georgia was one of about 30 schools that told the AAFL it loves the concept but wants to see if the first year succeeds.

It might be the ultimate letdown for this Georgia fan. Katz wants the AAFL’s inaugural game next April to match Georgia vs. Florida at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Fla.

I wonder what they’d name it…

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Today’s factoid…

concerns Oklahoma State’s super wide receiver Adarius Bowman, who Dawg fans will see soon enough:

… In his first season since transferring from North Carolina, the 6-4 pro prospect torched Big 12 defenses last year with six TD catches that went for 45 yards or more. How good is he? Just ask Kansas corners Anthony Webb and Aqib Talib. Bowman visited the end zone four times against KU last year when he caught 13 passes for a league-record 300 yards.

That’s better than 23 yards a catch, if you do the math. And, yeah, I know, that’s Kansas, not Georgia. Still, let’s hope Coach Martinez has something up his sleeve and that the Dawg secondary can take up the slack from Paul Oliver’s departure.

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Uh… he’s not in right now.

Chan Gailey sure knows how to sell Georgia Tech to recruits.

… Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey told Sabino not to expect 90,000 fans to occupy Bobby Dodd Stadium on game days.

“They were actually in camp [on Saturday] when I got a chance to go to [Gailey’s] office,” Sabino said. “He told me if I’m looking for a big college atmosphere, Georgia Tech is not the place for me. He was very honest with me.” [Emphasis added.]

Don’t you have the feeling that Giff Smith cringes just a little bit every time a recruit gets the chance to go to Gailey’s office?

Georgia Tech football. It’s Chantastic!

OK, that’s Buzz playing Twister. Note to Giff Smith: You don’t want to get Chan started on this. (photo courtesy Wikipedia)

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