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Envy and jealousy: together again

I haven’t been inspired to make one of these posts in a while, but then Sunday Morning Quarterback came through today with this post about Diddy Bowden’s chances of grabbing the ACC Atlantic Division title this year.

In discussing the coaching changes that will supposedly energize the program, SMQ zips this line in like a Tom Brady pass beating double coverage:

Chuck Amato returns from beating his old boss most of the time at NC State to take over whatever duties stand in the way of the elder Bowden and his nap…



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Survey says…

Remember the old Richard Pryor line about cocaine being God’s way of telling you that you have too much money?

They’ve got a new way to measure that in Arkansas.   More detail about the stupidity can be read here.

After reading all that, two things come to mind.  First, why spend good money on a polling service, when you can simply monitor attendance and contributions to the program to gauge fan enthusiasm?  Second, can Wally Hall write a paragraph with more than one sentence in it?

(h/t Dawg Sports)

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“Well, we wouldn’t have been in it anyway!”

Remember when Mark Bradley, among others, waxed indignant about the royal screwing Boise State took at the hands of the BCS after winning the Fiesta Bowl?

In response, I made the point that folks like Bradley were consumed with far more angst about what happened than the BSU players and coaches were.

If you don’t believe me, you might want to spend a minute reading this interview with Bronco coach Chris Petersen at  CSTV.com.  Here’s what he has to say about the BCS and playoffs:

SB: The BCS has actually been pretty beneficial for you guys – you probably wouldn’t have been in the Fiesta Bowl without the BCS system.  That being said, what are your thoughts on the BCS as opposed to a playoff system?


CP: I like it.  I really do.  I’ve been around football for a long time, growing up with it.  I grew up with the bowl system, and I really like the bowl system.  And so I just don’t see the clear-cut answer yet to the playoff system.  If it would have been the plus-one, we still wouldn’t have been that plus-one team going to play for the national championship.  So now all of a sudden you create a bracket, and you know, you’re always going to have that debate and that argument.  And I can see both sides of the fence on this issue, but to tell you the truth, I like the bowl system.  I really do.


SB: But unless you guys are absolutely perfect during the season, the bowl system makes it incredibly difficult for you to get into the national title picture.  A team like USC can still lose a game or two and stay on the national map.  Does it bother you to go into the season knowing that you’re at a huge disadvantage when it comes to competing for a national title?


CP: No, because I think this: I think as our conference gets better, I think when we play better people down the road, I think when our facilities continue to grow and this program continues to change, I think that situation will change for us.  You know, there’s not much error in any of this.  USC can lose one game.  We can lose no games, so neither one of us has much error as you go through your season.  I just try not to get caught up in those situations.  We just worry so much about ourselves and playing to the best of our ability, and we really believe that if that happens, then good things are going to happen for Boise State no matter what the system is.  And that’s what happened to us last year.  People were going, `What about getting into that national championship game?’  Well, we wouldn’t have been in it anyway!  They would have chosen somebody else with a plus-one, unless you set up a big old bracket of 16 or eight teams.  And then maybe they would have put us in.  I don’t know.

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Send lawyers, guns and money.

No doubt you’re aware of the Barnes and Chandler arrests for alcohol-related offenses by now.  The AJ-C, with its usual gift for understatement, claims the latest arrests “continue the trend of what has been a tumultuous several months for Georgia”.

If Matt Stafford hoisting an empty keg is “tumultuous”, God only knows what adjective the AJ-C might deem appropriate to describe the recent happenings in Gainesville, Florida.   Felony drug charges, felony gun charges, felony theft charges, probation violation… the list goes on.

Gatorpilot at Orange and Blue Hue lets out a (virtual) primal scream about it here.   The question, of course, is whether Meyer and Foley are listening.  Maybe.

After James’ arrest and indefinite suspension, UF Athletic Director Jeremy Foley released a statement expressing his displeasure.

“We are aware of the situation and understand the severity of its nature,” the statement read. “This is not something we take lightly.”

Although it can be argued that not dismissing Marcus Thomas from the team last year until he failed his third drug test – and reinstating him for a big game in the interim – didn’t exactly send the right message to some Gator players.

Or to these guys, either.   Now this is some inspired Photoshoppery:

Unfortunately, the mug shots shown later in their post aren’t faked.


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