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“Frivolous litigation is as American as obesity.”

If you look at the NCAA’s recent attack on live blogging as part of a larger trend, it’s not hard to conclude that the law can be an ass.

If you’re like me, you’ve long wondered why no prime-time show has been based on a law firm specializing in intellectual property law.

IPL is sexy. It’s hip. It’s about defending the interests of innocent and vulnerable multi-billion-dollar businesses against the rapacious schemes of sleazy thousandaires!

That’s what makes America such a great country.


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“Body bag games” and football schedules

Recently Paul Westerdawg posted a good piece about scheduling issues that D-1 ADs are facing these days.  It echoed a few thoughts I had on the subject (both of our posts were in response to the same newspaper article), but went into far more detail.

He notes the increasing attempt on the part of schools from non-BCS conferences to require a 2 for 1 arrangement and the general scarcity of “beat down games” with D-1 opponents.

Well, if this proposal becomes a reality, those games are going to be even harder to come by:

Sun Belt Conference presidents are tired of their football teams starting the season with lopsided defeats.

They have proposed a policy that would require Sun Belt teams to play more home games and fewer mismatches on the road games that make money but almost assure humiliating losses.

The proposal, which will likely be finalized this summer, calls for the eight Sun Belt football schools to play at least 11 home football games in a two-year period. That would cut down on road games against top Division I-A teams that often pay as much as $600,000 a game…

Again, to me, this points to other conferences following the lead of the Pac-10 and adding another conference game to their schedules eventually.  It will simply become too much trouble to chase these “payday games”, as they’re referred to in the article.  Supply and demand…

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