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A Father’s Day smorgasborg

Some niblets from around the world of college football today:

  • This paean to the SEC takes a nice, gratuitous shot at Big Ten commish Jim Delany that would probably come off better if the authors could spell his name correctly.
  • As a Georgia fan reading the headline of this article, I had a much different idea about what the subject turned out to be. I was thinking something with fruit and one of those little parasols in it.
  • South Carolina is closer to a sure thing than Kentucky.Seriously? Two years ago, there wasn’t a pundit who didn’t dismiss Rich Brooks as one of the worst coaches in the conference. Now, he’s a stud. Sorry, I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon just yet.
  • Even if you don’t follow 2008 recruiting that closely yet, you’ve got to love the story of Alabama offensive lineman Ben Jones. To go from relative obscurity to being told that you’re needed by Mark Richt in a little over a month is pretty heady stuff. I hope he takes the offer.

Go, dads!


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