He’s such a sensitive guy.

This whole Big Ten TV- cable pissing match is starting to get ridiculous.

How silly is it getting? Jim Delany wants an apology.

From a cable company. The man is detached from reality. Cable companies don’t apologize for anything. Delany should know that – he’s a frickin’ Comcast subscriber, for God’s sake.

What does he want an apology for? The bastards have been dissing his wimmen! And his schools! How could anybody suggest that Eastern Michigan at Michigan is a “second tier” game without insulting everything we hold sacred about the University of Michigan? And we all know that when Comcast suggests that people wouldn’t want to pay for Iowa volleyball it’s just code for “we hate women”.

The nerve of some people. The unmitigated gall.

By the way, while we’re getting easily offended, what do you think Delany meant by this?

“In the Midwest, when you’re talking about a women’s sports team, you talk about them with respect,” Delany said.

So, in the South, or the Northeast, you don’t have to?

Methinks an apology is in order.


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