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Kara Lynn Joyce – do the right thing.

Ordinarily, on this blog I stick to subjects with which I’m somewhat familiar and enthusiastic – which, to date, have generally been limited to college football and James Brown – but Paul Westerdawg has brought a matter to my attention that I think is worth passing along.

Here’s his email:

Kara Lynn Joyce, UGA Swimmer, was nominated for an ESPY in the category of Best Female College Athlete. It was just announced today. I’m guessing Georgiadogs.com hasn’t done anything yet b/c of the situation with Andy Landers’ kid. But in any event. The voting is open here:

Kara is one of the most decorated female athletes in NCAA History. Here’s some more info on her:

She is up against fierce competition for the award in the form of one Candice Parker (UT). We can’t let a Vol beat us on this one.

He’s right. Please take a minute and do the right thing. She’s a phenomenal athlete who deserves our support.


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600 seconds

ESPN’s Ivan Maisel is rolling out a series highlighting the 100 most significant plays/moments of college football history. Given that he’s recounting some events that go much farther back than 10 or 2o years, there actually seems to be some substance to his list – a pleasant surprise from the Worldwide Leader.

It starts with numbers 100-81. Take a look.

I wonder where Georgia-Florida 1980 winds up…

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Playoff proponents, be careful what you wish for.

Sunday Morning Quarterback (himself a diehard playoff proponent) notes the effect of the NCAA College World Series victory by a school that had a losing record in its own conference.

At least he gives us football playoff Luddites some credit:

If anti-playoff forces are right about one negative to a playoff, surely the relegation of an exciting regular season to mere preliminary is it. Those games have to matter, and an out-of-control tournament for its own sake undermines the point – entry to a braket has to be hard, or the championship at its end isn’t worth the richly-finished wood it’s engraved on. A team that ties for sixth place in its conference cannot be a national champion and should never be in the running.

That’s good. Unfortunately, he’s not the one making the decisions about the college football postseason.

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Consider the source.

I assume by now many have read Mark Bradley’s annual “it’s way too early for me to make college football predictions, but I’ll do it anyway” column.  It’s one of those typically forgettable (anyone remember his predictions from last year?) pieces we see from the AJ-C, with stuff ranging from the safe – Georgia loses in J’ville.  Again. – to the silly – Fulmer will be fired before the season is over after being croomed by Kentucky.

Rather than harp on Bradley’s giving too much credit to UK (which isn’t going to have another +15 TO margin this year, but whose defense will still be subpar) and Saban (who’s a good coach, but needs  more than this year to overcome depth issues and the installation of new offensive and defensive schemes), I wanted to point out this little jewel:

… The Cardinals will lose at West Virginia on Nov. 8 in a Thursday-night matchup of unbeatens. And the Mountaineers will go 12-0 but will be barred from the BCS title game because Southern Cal and Texas will be similarly undefeated. And the drumbeat for a playoff system will sound again. And it will, as ever, go unheeded by those in position to make it happen.

Gosh, it almost sounds like he’ll be disappointed if we don’t have a school getting screwed this year… not that that’s likely to happen, anyway.


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It must be summer.

More offseason happenings from the wonderful world of college football:

  • Speed kills. At least, that’s what they believe at Florida. Plus, all that speed training has the added benefit of giving a trouble maker more of a chance to outrun that pesky on-foot police pursuit. You never know when that might come in handy.
  • I’m back, babee! Thomas Brown don’t need no stinkin’ redshirt.
  • He’s crazy. I’m not the only one who thinks Jim Delany sounded like a nutbag last week. OK, a whiny nutbag.
  • “Only in Oxford”. $125 for this? Eli Manning’s got that right.

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Just wait ’til they have to pick a new hot dog vendor.

As we in the Dawgnation begin to ponder life after Munson (and Paul Westerdawg is right to insist that we need to be mixing in celebration with our sadness), some perspective on the choice of his replacement is in order.

While some of us will no doubt be disappointed – after all, no matter who is chosen, he won’t be Larry – I feel safe in saying that the decision won’t approach the level of train wreck that’s occurred with the selection of the new Arkansas play by play announcer.

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Georgia-Georgia Tech ’07: I’m just saying.

A random thought inspired by Paul Westerdawg’s post about the price of Reggie Ball’s replica jerseys: if this year’s Georgia-Georgia Tech game were to result in a Georgia loss, it would be a cloud that comes with a special silver lining.

It would cement the Reggie Ball legacy.  Think about it.

Outside of BDS, the air would be full of taunts from obnoxious Georgia fans proclaiming some variation of “what might have been”. That wouldn’t be to console Tech fans.

And after the last cheer faded, don’t tell me every Techie wouldn’t start asking himself or herself (or itself, in some cases) what in the hell Chan was thinking keeping “Dog” installed as the starter all those years.

Obviously, I’m not wishing for a loss. But not all losses are equal.

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