Kara Lynn Joyce – do the right thing.

Ordinarily, on this blog I stick to subjects with which I’m somewhat familiar and enthusiastic – which, to date, have generally been limited to college football and James Brown – but Paul Westerdawg has brought a matter to my attention that I think is worth passing along.

Here’s his email:

Kara Lynn Joyce, UGA Swimmer, was nominated for an ESPY in the category of Best Female College Athlete. It was just announced today. I’m guessing Georgiadogs.com hasn’t done anything yet b/c of the situation with Andy Landers’ kid. But in any event. The voting is open here:

Kara is one of the most decorated female athletes in NCAA History. Here’s some more info on her:

She is up against fierce competition for the award in the form of one Candice Parker (UT). We can’t let a Vol beat us on this one.

He’s right. Please take a minute and do the right thing. She’s a phenomenal athlete who deserves our support.

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