Playoff proponents, be careful what you wish for.

Sunday Morning Quarterback (himself a diehard playoff proponent) notes the effect of the NCAA College World Series victory by a school that had a losing record in its own conference.

At least he gives us football playoff Luddites some credit:

If anti-playoff forces are right about one negative to a playoff, surely the relegation of an exciting regular season to mere preliminary is it. Those games have to matter, and an out-of-control tournament for its own sake undermines the point – entry to a braket has to be hard, or the championship at its end isn’t worth the richly-finished wood it’s engraved on. A team that ties for sixth place in its conference cannot be a national champion and should never be in the running.

That’s good. Unfortunately, he’s not the one making the decisions about the college football postseason.


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  1. I don’t see how football can handle the volume of teams that basketball and baseball allow into their playoffs.

    Only conference champs need apply.