Um, no.

Granted, there’s likely to be a lot of competition in the next few weeks, but at present I’m inclined to give this article the nod as the dumbest preseason prediction piece going.

Dude, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little hatin’ on Southern Cal…

Southern Cal is without question the most Hollywood-stylish and marketable team in the NCAA. That’s why the national sports media establishment and big-time sponsors are completely star-struck with the Trojans to the point of obsession, and that’s the only real reason they’re getting handed the No. 1 spot.

… just don’t let it cloud your judgment. Notre Dame has the kind of marketability that USC can only dream of. Southern Cal is a consensus preseason #1 because it’s loaded with experienced talent.

That doesn’t mean that the Trojans are going to win the MNC this year. But you have to question the objectivity, or maybe the sanity, of anyone who asserts that “Boise State… most definitely deserve(s) to be ranked ahead of USC.”

Not the intelligence, though…


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