It’s about time.

Georgia finally cracks into ESPN’s Top 100 college football moments of all time

#40 is entitled “Great Scott”.

(courtesy UGA Sports Communications)

#36 is called “Walk To Remember”.

(courtesy UGA Sports Communications)

There’s a video clip of Walker’s run.  It’s really strange watching it without hearing Munson’s call.

By the way, it’s not a Dawg moment, but ESPN’s #27 is my favorite college football play of all time:   Rice’s Dicky Moegle being tackled by a guy coming off the ‘Bama sideline while he was running for what would have been a 95 yard touchdown run in the 1954 Cotton Bowl (the refs awarded him the TD, anyway).  There’s a video clip of this, too –  watch the Rice cheerleader finger the guilty party.

Maisel has done such a good job with this, it’s not worth quibbling about the selection order.  Take a few minutes and look at ’em.


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  1. DirkDawggler

    I agree Maisel has done an excellent job with this…

    I wonder if UGA taking a bite out of Auburn’s Robert Baker will make the cut. Damn shame if it don’t… Now that was quality defense!