Destroy the village in order to save it.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wants to know:  HOW SOON BEFORE WE HAVE A COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF OF SOME SORT?

Skipping the obvious snappy retort – that some of us believe there already is a playoff of “some sort” with the BCS title game –  I read and reread FSU prez T. K. Wetherell’s answer with some dismay:

“The sooner the better. I believe it will start with a plus-1 play-in game. Evolve to an eight-team playoff system that drops the 12th [regular-season] game and mandates an academic graduation standard to qualify. Initially, the Big Ten and Pac-10 will stay out but come to realize that will do for college football what splitting up Champ Car racing did for Indy. There will be a reshuffling of the bowls and respect for the final exam schedules on campus.”

Champ Car racing and Indy?  WTF?

Basically, this guy is jonesing for a D-1 football playoff so badly he’s prepared to blow everything up to get it.  Why would anyone in his right mind think that a playoff without participation by two major conferences (which have as members two schools which have played in something like five of the last six MNC games) would be more meaningful than what we have now, however flawed it may be?  And what does Wetherell propose to tell all the schools that are forced to drop the revenue from the twelfth game?

Plus, keep in mind that this is a guy who’s said before that he’s “amenable” to a sixteen team playoff.

Those of you who keep insisting that a playoff will cure all ills need to get your heads out of the sand on this.  You aren’t going to get the neat little four team playoff, or the ‘conference champs only’ formats you want.  We’re going to wind up with a bastardized twelve or sixteen school playoff – at least – that creates as many issues as it purports to solve – and, as usual, we’ll be the worse for it.


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2 responses to “Destroy the village in order to save it.

  1. Woo hoo!! Only one thing… conference champs need not apply. I know this is disheartening to you, Senator, but you need to face the inevitable, man, it’s inevitable.


  2. scdawg

    Here fucking here–Playoffs are the death of college football.