“Steele’s magnificent obsession”

It’s gratifying to see someone else wax poetic over Phil Steele.

… The 328-page publication is the only one that has attained full reference status for me, meaning it must be saved from year to year. Steele isn’t much worried about aesthetics. The print is tiny. Copy juts nearly to the end of the page and right to the borders of pictures. The front trumpets the magazine as “jampacked” with information. There’s no such word. But Steele has no time for hyphens.

Inside, Steele uses 143 abbreviations, including “B2B” for “back-to-back” and the well-known “VHT” for “very highly touted.” Paragraphs? He doesn’t need any stinking paragraphs. In one back-of-the-book stretch, Steele goes five pages without so much as an indentation, just tiny lines of straight-up prognosticative goodies.

And this guy wrote for one of Steele’s competitors.


UPDATE:  ESPN‘s Pat Forde chimes in, too.

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