Well, damn.

I bet I’d have a different rating if I’d started my blog before last year’s Vandy game.


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4 responses to “Well, damn.

  1. Actually, the G rating is a nice thing. So few are rated G now a days. PG is okay, too. Man, just don’t go to the NC-17 rating…… that would be a sad subtraction from my blogging life.


  2. The only way this site could go NC-17 is if I let all the porn spam through. 😉


  3. LD

    Don’t be too sure!

    I tested my site and ended up with an NC-17 rating for the following words:

    fart (when talking about Kevin Smith movies)
    cocks (referring to the University of South Carolina)
    ecstasy (referred to a state of euphoria, not the drug).

    In other words, context doesn’t mean much to the thing. If you’re concerned, make sure you always use the “Game” when talking about USC.


  4. LD, good thing it doesn’t read comments, then. 😉