I bet Nick Saban gets all the tickets he wants.

Adding insult to injury, Tuscaloosa division

University of Alabama employees are the latest group having a hard time getting their hands on what has become the hottest ticket in the state.

More than 9,300 employees, more than twice the number of available tickets, ordered tickets for the upcoming Crimson Tide football season. The huge number triggered a rarely used quota system.

“Most years they don’t get more ticket requests than what’s allocated, so everybody gets their tickets,” said Cathy Andreen, UA spokesperson.

Now, no employee will be getting four tickets, as has been the practice. Instead, two tickets will be allotted to full-time employees. Those working part-time or on temporary assignment, along with full-time employees not eligible for retirement matching money will not get a ticket if they started working after 2000…

If you’re a UA professor, it’s not enough that the football coach makes roughly 30-40 times what you earn… for coaching a bunch of kids everyone knows wouldn’t be attending the school if it weren’t for the fact that they were athletically skilled. Now you can’t even get the tickets you were alloted before because of the guy.

And if you complain about it, you risk being called a hypocrite in response, most likely because of what a bunch of other pointy-headed intellectuals have had to say about collegiate athletics.

Karma is a bitch, dude.

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