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You never know.

The next time someone tells you about the recruiting juggernaut that is the University of Florida under Urban Meyer, you might want to refer them to this article.

Urban Meyer‘s last two recruiting classes were among the best in the nation — and two of the best in school history.

His first Florida recruiting class is another story. It’s almost as if the 2005 class has fallen into a black hole.

That class of 18 players is now down to only eight — and only one or two of those players figure to be starters this season. The only potential starters appear to be running back Kestahn Moore and wide receiver Louis Murphy, the offensive star of the spring game.

Sunday Morning Quarterback, as is his wont, has some additional insight about Urban Meyer, recruiting legend, well worth reading, including this little juicy nugget:

Tebow this fall will be the first starting quarterback Meyer’s led as a head coach who actually came into the program under Meyer.

SMQ’s conclusion is spot-on.

“Leadership” and its like rate high among cliched intangibles I usually make it a point to avoid as an outsider, but if Meyer already has Florida to the point it can dodge the implosion of virtually an entire recruiting class, he’s an even more fearsome el dictador than imagined.

Makes you wonder what the Gators chances are to get back to Atlanta this year, doesn’t it…



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Charlie Weis’ pickle

If we are to believe Zach Frazier’s dad, that whole “Jimmy Clausen for Heisman” campaign is being put on hold this year.

“From what we know Sharpley is going to be the guy,” David Frazer told me from his office in Harrisburg, Pa. “Jones will be put in for a few trick plays. Clausen won’t play this year.”

It doesn’t sound like young James’ elbow is the primary reason for that, more the convenient excuse in what is likely to be a less than stellar year in South Bend:

“The way Charlie described it, he doesn’t think he has the passing game this year,” David Frazer said. “He wants somebody to throw it five yards (downfield). They’re going to run it more.

“I think the problem is they thought they were going to get (five-star receiving recruit) Arrelious Benn. With (Jeff) Samardzija and Rhema McKnight gone, they really don’t have go-to receiver types.”

It’s the Zooker’s fault Notre Dame won’t be in a BCS game this year, curse him!

I just wonder what happens if Sharpley screws everything up by having a great season.  He’s a junior, after all.

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It’s July, Dawg.

A few Georgia related items worth a brief comment or two:

  • Brandon Miller and his head coach think he’s coming around at middle linebacker. Let’s hope so, as it’s not like there are a lot of options at that position for the moment.
  • Another year, another story about how Eason is concerned about wide receiver drops. The latest excuse? They didn’t know who the quarterback was going to be. Gosh, didn’t they know in ’04 and ’05? Prediction for next year: now they know who the offensive lineman are.
  • This is a puzzling story, but it sure sounds like Vance Cuff had a poor guidance counselor.
  • A quote from Marcus Katz, financial founder of the All American Football League:  “I’m a Georgia fan. You have a bunch of friends in college football wishing it was the season again. I couldn’t help but notice that all the players we came to love, disappeared. Why couldn’t they play in Athens in the spring?”  It really is nice to have enough money to pursue a hobby properly, isn’t it?
  • And it doesn’t seem like Tony Barnhart has any more of a clue right now as to who will win the SEC East this year than I do.


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Big Ten Network: let’s get ready to rumble!

The South Bend Tribune takes time out from its busy “let’s have Tom Lemming get all breathless about Notre Dame recruiting” schedule to note that the Big Ten is about to get medieval on Comcast’s ass:

The Big Ten is getting ready to play hardball. If an agreement with Comcast isn’t in place by Aug. 1, the conference is going to urge Big Ten alumni to switch from Comcast to DirecTV — DirecTV already has reached an agreement with the Big Ten Network — in order to get their team’s games. The Big Ten network is set to kick off Aug. 30.

Now don’t get me wrong here – ditching Comcast is not something I’d condemn.  I did it a few years ago, because Comcast’s concept of service makes the City of Atlanta look almost competent in comparison.  (I said almost.)  But somehow I doubt that Joe Sixpack is yearning to switch to the dish so that he won’t miss Northeastern at Northwestern.

Speaking of Joe Sixpack, I think this guy has the right take…

“There should be some kind of mediation to help them reach a compromise,” Grecco said. “Just put the games on TV and show a couple of extra Budweiser commercials to make up for the money they think they’re going to lose. I don’t think anybody would mind that.”

There’s nothing wrong with running another beer commercial or two.  Especially if that lets you see Indiana State at Indiana.  BUUUURRRRPPP!

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