Charlie Weis’ pickle

If we are to believe Zach Frazier’s dad, that whole “Jimmy Clausen for Heisman” campaign is being put on hold this year.

“From what we know Sharpley is going to be the guy,” David Frazer told me from his office in Harrisburg, Pa. “Jones will be put in for a few trick plays. Clausen won’t play this year.”

It doesn’t sound like young James’ elbow is the primary reason for that, more the convenient excuse in what is likely to be a less than stellar year in South Bend:

“The way Charlie described it, he doesn’t think he has the passing game this year,” David Frazer said. “He wants somebody to throw it five yards (downfield). They’re going to run it more.

“I think the problem is they thought they were going to get (five-star receiving recruit) Arrelious Benn. With (Jeff) Samardzija and Rhema McKnight gone, they really don’t have go-to receiver types.”

It’s the Zooker’s fault Notre Dame won’t be in a BCS game this year, curse him!

I just wonder what happens if Sharpley screws everything up by having a great season.  He’s a junior, after all.

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