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We’re all going on a… summer holiday.

I’m taking off later today on a much needed vacation.  It’s not likely I’ll have either the access or the inclination to be posting about college football from where I’ll be, so don’t expect to see anything here until around the 20th, assuming I’ve sobered up enough to resume with this stuff.

Y’all stay safe and sane until then…



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Envy and jealousy: Les Miles

Damn, this is good.

Brian at mgoblog has written Les Miles’ epitaph:

LSU seems to be a ramshackle train of enormous talent that implodes on a regular basis because it is lax, undisiciplined, and plain dumb. Take Miles away from the ridiculously fertile recruiting grounds of Louisiana and slap his hand when he tries to import guys who can’t spell “cat” in three tries and visions of Michigan State dance in front of my eyes. My personal preference is for either a proven tactical expert like Jeff Tedford or someone who will just recruit his ass off. What, exactly, is Les Miles good at? He must be good at something, but I don’t know what it is.

That last line’s kinda Dylan-esque, don’t you think?

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The future’s so bright, Chan’s gotta wear shades.

I was gonna post something snide about this line from the AJ-C about Steven Threet beating a hasty retreat from the Flats…

The quality and quantity of recent recruiting has been such that one newcomer may have helped push out another Jacket, as freshman Steven Threet has left the program as the second Tech quarterback to transfer in recent months.

… but I was beaten to the punch by this slice and dice job at Fanhouse which does add at least one equally compelling reason for Threet’s departure.

Also a potential reason: a desire to get laid at least once in college.

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