We’re all going on a… summer holiday.

I’m taking off later today on a much needed vacation.  It’s not likely I’ll have either the access or the inclination to be posting about college football from where I’ll be, so don’t expect to see anything here until around the 20th, assuming I’ve sobered up enough to resume with this stuff.

Y’all stay safe and sane until then…


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4 responses to “We’re all going on a… summer holiday.

  1. kckd

    Enjoy yourself senator. Safe travels!!!


  2. Tenn_Dawg

    Yep…enjoy and be safe.


  3. Keep it between the lines, Senator.


  4. The pace (and quality) at which you post is pretty awesome. I would say it’s a great opportunity to recharge the batteries, but I’m pretty convinced you’re fusion powered or something.

    Enjoy your vacation!