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Sobering up

I thought about posting yesterday, but the effect of spending a week in a country where consuming large quantities of wine is practically mandatory – and do not get me started on grappa, a beverage of pure, distilled evil – combined with a severe case of jet lag exacerbated by Delta’s inability to land a plane back in Atlanta on the same day it was scheduled to return conspired to prevent that from happening.  I felt like the subject of a medical experiment (for the record, the results were conclusive, but not pretty).

Anyway, thanks to EDSBS:  its preseason #6 ranking for South Carolina is as good an eye opener as a double expresso.

Tony Barnhart ranked the top 5 new assistant hires in the SEC and lists Stacy Searels at #3, which sounds pretty good, until you see that Barnhart ranks John Thompson at #5.  The only way Thompson should be fifth on such a list is if the total number of new hires was five – and that would still be a reach.  He’s easily the most overrated DC in the conference.

And how about Vandy’s chancellor Gordon Gee returning to Ohio State?  Ol’ GG sounds like he was channelling his inner Tommy Tuberville with this quote:

Nearly three weeks ago, when news originally broke that Ohio was courting Gee, he said his devotion to Vanderbilt was “unwavering and unshakable.”

Now he’s leaving so he can “sleep at night”.

Somehow I doubt we’ll see him attempt to combine the athletic department with intramurals at dear old Ohio State.

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