This just in – football fans spend money.

Here’s a shocker: most SEC athletic departments raise lots of money.

Here are several more equally stunning revelations from the article: many athletic departments shade the truth about their budgets, Michael Adams is full of fecal matter and every higher up involved in collegiate athletics would give his or her right arm for some sort of antitrust exemption.

The only factoid worthy of note in the whole piece is the information that Virginia sports the third largest athletic budget in the country. Sheesh… talk about not getting your bang for the buck…


UPDATE: And make sure you read this accompanying article about “The Flutie Effect”. The sad part is the complete circle that alleged critics of the business of college athletics wind up making with those they find fault:

The rapid rate of increased spending can’t end well for college athletics, particularly those at the mid-major level, Ridpath argues.

“It will eventually catch up with the Ohio States of the world, but that’s farther down the road,” he said. “It’s already caught up with the mid-major schools.”

The Drake Group has advocated government intervention in college athletics, such as revoking the tax-exempt status of college athletics departments or even an anti-trust exemption that would allow athletics directors to better control coaching salaries.

“It has shown no signs of abating,” Ridpath said. “I don’t know if they’re going to stop it. It’s kind of like the mob. We have to look somewhere above and beyond college athletics, because they have not shown the ability to check this themselves.”

Really, aside from the bombast, how different is this from things Miles Brand has said?

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