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And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid.

That’s really the only good thing about SEC Media Days – the hope that somebody says something quotable the rest of us can enjoy.

David Ching’s got today’s line from a reliable source, Steve Spurrier:

“I thought we’d done something big beating Clemson and then Kentucky went and beat them.”

If you listen carefully, you can hear the sounds of feet rushing to the Wildcat bulletin board even as you read this…


UPDATE:  More from SOS here.



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Today’s episode of “Detached from Reality”…

comes to you via The Drake Group’s David Ridpath, who continues to fret about college athletics in ways that are more than slightly unhinged.

Ridpath thinks college football coaches make too much money.  Bully for him.  His solution?

… The Drake Group would favor a rule forbidding coaches from earning more than their school’s president.”I think a football coach can survive,” Ridpath said, “making one dollar less than a president.”

That’s mighty big of him.  While Ridpath’s at it, maybe he could see to it that Keanu Reeves makes less than my sister, the middle school teacher.

Why stop at the president’s salary?  If the standard is survival, no doubt coaches could get by making less than a professor.  Or Ridpath, for that matter.  So what?  It’s a free market and no one – no one – is holding a gun to a university president’s, or board of trustees’, or athletic director’s head or heads about how much to pay a head coach.  Besides, what Ridpath proposes is an antitrust violation.

Guys like this make it hard to get riled up about Nick Saban’s salary.  Or Mal Moore’s judgment…

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Lost time is not found again.

Lots of groovy stuff floating around the ether recently:

  • Sunday Morning Quarterback gets a grip on the state of the Big 12 Conference by channeling T. Boone Pickens, aka Doctor D, and the result is hilarious. My favorite line: “Taxpayers cannot be allowed in good conscience to stand in the way of tax generators.” Hayl, yeah! Progress ain’t cheap.
  • All I can say to this is “Please, God”. The AAFL needs Reggie Ball. And “Dog” needs the money to finish school, right?
  • Speaking of ESPN and “the narrative”, Mergz at Saurian Sagacity suspects the fix is already in for this season.
  • Evidently, Tater Tot wants back in. No doubt the college football world awaits his reemergence breathlessly. Maybe there’ll be an opening at Clemmins after this year.
  • And the quote of the day comes from rookie Louisiana Tech head coach (and son of Vince) Derek Dooley, who in speaking about Louisiana Tech’s need to play “money” games against big-time opponents had this to say: “Nick (Saban) always told me it’s not about the money. It’s about the amount.” If you need more chuckles, there are a couple of other great one liners from him in the article. (h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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