Coaches’ corner

  • Do you know me? Nine college football coaches made at least $2,000,000.00 last season. More than half of them have national championships on their résumés. All the others have to their credit conference titles in BCS leagues — which means BCS bowl berths — to go with multiple double-digit win seasons and years with one or no losses at their current school. Except for one.
  • You knew the job was dangerous when you took it. Nick Saban’s not happy about that target on his back.
  • “I guess everybody likes a soap opera.” I wouldn’t wish Houston Nutt’s offseason on anybody, but when Tom Lemming’s got your back… oof.
  • WTF was I thinking?   You know UCLA’s Karl Dorrell’s got to be asking himself that today.  Often.  Of course, so will the media, since today is Pac-10 Media Day.  Timing is everything in life.

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