Urban Meyer and the “plus one”

It’s all a matter of perspective, ain’t it:

Q. Last year it worked out for Florida and Ohio State to play for the national championship. There’s been discussion about a plus one format where one would play four, two play three, winner of those two games play each other. What’s your opinion about that?

COACH MEYER: Opinions are strong. At Bowling Green I stood in front of a team that was 8 3, 9 3 and had to tell them they weren’t going to go to a Bowl game when they deserved to go to a Bowl game. They were good enough to play in a Bowl game. I think they were better than some teams that played. So did other coaches. That’s one of the tragedies of the system.

I think the Bowls should open up and take the most qualified teams to go play. Then I go to Utah, we had a team that on any given day, with Alex Smith at quarterback and the way we play defense, could we survive an SEC, Big 12? I don’t know that. That’s all relative. But I don’t know if we could survive that, be in that situation.

Utah, 12 0. If there’s a plus one, you go play that game, you go play for a national championship. Who knows. You have a good day and that’s a life changer for a university and a group of players.

You get to Florida, play in a game removed from the other Bowl games. I thought the atmosphere was terrific. If you had to play one more game after that, I’m just glad I’m not faced with a guy that has to make that decision. It’s an imperfect system. I think it’s the best what we have.

As long as we don’t change that whole Bowl I think the Bowl experience is too good for the student athlete to change. But I think continual discussion is necessary, and I think we got the best of what’s working. But I think every year that needs to be evaluated.

Pretty good way to not answer your question, wasn’t it (smiling)?

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