Wagging the dog.

The Big Ten Conference is considering expansion. Why? Because it will help the value of the Big Ten Network.

The creation of the Big Ten Network means conference officials likely will discuss expansion again, Commissioner Jim Delany said Wednesday.

“I think we need to look at it in the next year,” he said during a wide-ranging interview with Register reporters.

Adding a 12th team likely will be revisited because of the network, which is scheduled to launch Aug. 30, Delany said. An additional big-name university in a large television market means more exposure for the network and its sponsors.

“It changes to some extent how you think about it,” Delany said of expansion. “The broader (the network) is distributed, the more value (expansion) has.

Gee, maybe ESPN can buy a few universities and they can meet in the middle.

The network evidently changes Delany’s perspective on what schools might be suitable for admission to the Big Ten:

“Wherever,” Delany said when asked about specifics. “With the network — there’s a different element. It changes the dynamics.”

Get that? It’s not about academics, facilities or tradition at this point. It’s about “value”.

These guys are shameless.

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