Two sobering thoughts from today…

straight from the horse’s mouth:

Q: Your offensive line is very young. How are you going to get them ready?

A: Stacy Searels [Georgia’s new offensive line coach] has a lot of new ideas. He is a great teacher and great technician. We only had six scholarship linemen after last season ended but we were able to bring in five kids at mid-year. If we started tomorrow we would have a true freshman, Trinton Sturdivant, at left tackle. [Emphasis added.] Coach Bobo and I know that we can’t do everything at once because we’re so young. We’re going to have to be careful with this bunch until they get their feet wet.”

Q: You lost all of your starting linebackers. What is the status of that position?

A: Brandon Miller is the whole key to our defense. [Emphasis added.] We moved him from the [outside] linebacker to the [middle] linebacker. And when you do that there is an adjustment. But he is very talented and very capable and has the ability to be a dominant player. If he can play at full speed he will be a big plus for us.

In a way, I know I shouldn’t be surprised, especially in Sturdivant’s case, because there really isn’t anyone else ready to play the position. But it’s still kind of a jolt to see it so baldly stated by the head coach.

Anyone have any idea the last time Georgia started a true freshman at left offensive tackle?  And how many sacks the line gave up that year?


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  1. kckd

    Alabama started a true freshman last year who would’ve started on our OL.

    I’d agree with you about TS, except for the fact that TS has surprised since he stepped on the practice field. I think he earned his spot, he was not given it by default.

    You guys who continue to think this line will be worse than 2003 make the most negative pessimist look like Joel Osteen. In 2002 our OL was pretty good and a freshman found himself starting a couple of games on that one by the end of the year. One of the backups started in the pros for awhile too.


  2. First off, Andre Smith wasn’t your ordinary freshman OLman last year. If TS is 80-90% the player that AS was last season, I’ll be thrilled.

    Second, I’m not comparing these guys to the ’03 line because I haven’t seen them play yet. I think the talent level may very well turn out to be better (remember, that wasn’t NC’s strong suit) with this bunch.

    But, this is the greenest line I can remember suiting up in Athens. You’ve got a bunch of guys that have never played a down of D-1 ball that will be starting. You’ve got new starters at four of the five positions. Early on, it’s going to be a little nervewracking.

    One tip on how things are progressing may be whether they redshirt Figgens, who, from what I understand, is a tremendous blocker. If he gets the call to play, they may feel like they need his help in shoring up the line play, at least early in the season.


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