Phil Steele puts out.

Yeah, Phil Steele is a little obsessive.

“Ask my wife, I’m not great at a lot of things,” Steele said, “but I can tell you the jersey number of the third-string tackle from Tulane. I can talk football.”

He’s a little wired.

He’s the nut in this niche market who wakes up each morning at 5:55, arrives at the office by 7:02, maybe 7:03, downs nine 12-ounce cans of Mountain Dew before noon [ed. – Ye gods! Emphasis added.] and makes it his business to know all 119 Division I-A teams – from Ohio State to Louisiana-Lafayette, from the Heisman Trophy candidates to the walk-ons.

He’s a little fixated.

“No one ever said that it’s fine literature,” Steele said. “I write with a purpose.”

Did I mention he’s a little obsessed?

… But he puts his life in those predictions. And if Utah State doesn’t finish eighth, one spot behind Idaho, in the Western Athletic Conference this year, Steele will be ticked.

“There’s no meaningless game,” Steele said. “I want to win them all.”

But here’s the real shocker:

The Steele operation almost wasn’t real, and it didn’t begin as a Steele operation. The former Phil Seman changed his name to Steele because he thought it sounded better for the magazine.

Depending upon how “Seman” is pronounced, he may have had a point. Then again, he may have deprived the blogging world of any number of double entendres, especially in his discussion of South Carolina football and Arkansas starting quarterbacks.


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6 responses to “Phil Steele puts out.

  1. kckd

    Did you see where he has our WR group ranked nationally? I wondered about that, but it’s good to know he isn’t like the others. He actually goes through every game and knows the rosters.


  2. Steele is very positive about Georgia overall. He picks them to win the East – and that’s even with a followup noting that Oliver is gone – and notes that one of his power rankings plays out for an undefeated season for the Dawgs.


  3. What is the problem with today’s world? Why would anyone pay some “Phil Steele” guy to tell them who to bet on? We can’t believe Phil Steele is telling the Cleveland Newspaper that he has a MULTI MILLION business and others are losing THOUSANDS by taking his picks. Is PHIL STEELE GOING TO HELP THESE GAMBLERS OUT OF THEIR DEBT??? He sure better after bragging to everyone about his business.


  4. Denise appears to have accidentally wandered over here from the Fanhouse link.

    Bluto, I trust you’ve sent this to Orson at EDSBS.


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  6. Pete, I think she’s mine, all mine.

    Her comment showed up a few days ago, before the Fanhouse post. I thought about a response, but basically I’m a “let sleeping dogs lie” kinda guy. Especially when someone uses ALL CAPS a lot more than I ever will.