Randomly random randomness

Just a few things I’ve come across surfing the internets this morning:

  • The new kickoff rule:  Tastes greatLess filling.
  • Kentucky prediction. With eight home games (including four right off the bat), the schedule isn’t the biggest problem, contrary to the author’s premise.  Although it’s interesting that he thinks Georgia will be the toughest game for UK to get a win in this season.
  • The Gainesville Times has an article up that goes through some of the grind of recruiting from the perspective of player, high school and college coaches that’s worth a read.
  • And this guy may not be the best at predictions (Arkansas fifth in the West this year?  With McFadden and that schedule?  No way.), but he does nail things neatly with this quote:  “Isn’t it fitting that Auburn and Alabama have hired coaches who share the characteristics of their fan bases? Saban’s all egotistical and a pain to deal with, just like the UA fans. Tuberville’s got his inferiority complex working overtime and is constantly looking for a situation in which his team has been slighted, just like AU fans.”

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