Quoth the Zooker

You know it’s gonna be good.

From SMQ:

Leave the last word on the matter to Ron Zook:

“I think coach Paterno is just trying to give you guys something to write about,” Zook said. “Gosh, he has forgotten more football than most of us know.

Emphasis mine, because, gosh, there are so many layers of nerve-bearing truth in that statement, so much more brutal honesty than Zook could have possibly intended…the mind, it boggles…

From Orange and Blue Hue:

Speed versus speed: When Florida defeated Ohio State last January in the Fiesta Bowl to win the national title, a popular theory was that the Gators triumphed because of superior speed.

But according to Illinois coach Ron Zook, who coached in Gainesville before arriving in Champaign in 2005, the perception of Southeastern Conference teams being faster than those in the Big Ten is misguided.

“In my mind, there’s not any difference,” Zook said. “We have every bit the speed they have in the South. There’s no question in my mind this league can compete with anyone in the country (in that regard).”

Er, excuse me?  Ron Zook?

And, without commentary:

“There was a time last year when I was worried about [quarterback Juice Williams]. He was emotionally and physically drained. He hit that wall. He wasn’t smiling.”

Given Williams’ stats (and the team’s record), he probably wasn’t alone in that department.  With good reason…


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