The Nuttster, early commitments and texting

Sometimes, one observation leads to another.

Whatever impact the Arkansas soap opera has had on the court system and the email and phone messaging habits of school officials, it hasn’t stopped the Nuttster from racking up a lot of early commitments for the class of 2008:

Running back Devin Thomas, of San Antonio, committed on Tuesday, and his pledge was Arkansas’ 10th in an 11-day span and 19th overall.

When Arkansas has nineteen verbals on the second day of August, something’s afoot in the world of college football recruiting.  The reasons, no doubt, are varying, but you can’t deny the results.

As of today, the top nineteen schools in both Rivals’ and Scout’s 2008 recruiting rankings have a minimum of eleven verbals.   UCLA has 23.  On August 2, 2007.

Like it or not, that’s a major challenge for the NCAA.  I’m not sure what the answer is, but issues such as an early signing date and matters like text messaging need to be considered thoughtfully pretty damned soon and a workable consensus reached.

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