Prothro, Shula… and Saban

As The Wizard of Odds notes, Tyrone Prothro’s playing days at the University of Alabama are more than likely over. He’s been put on a medical scholarship, which makes him ineligible.

Prothro, if you recall, suffered his injury mid-fourth quarter of a 31-3 domination of Florida. There really was no reason for him to be in the game at that point, other than Mike Shula’s insecurity.

Of course, as Georgia fans (and Brodie Croyle) remember from the ‘Bama game in 2003, Shula is a repeat offender in that department.

If there’s any justice in this, it’s the hope that Prothro’s absence may have cost Shula just enough wins to lead to his firing.  Karma is a bitch, sometimes.

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