Quotes from the first practice day

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First, the silly:

On whether there is a discipline problem, or the perception of one: “There’s not a discipline problem on our team at all, I don’t think. We’ve had some guys make some mistakes. Some may say it was minor. I don’t know. Everything they do that’s against the rules or against the law is wrong. Some are more minor than others, certainly. I’m not alarmed our shocked these guys are making some foolish mistakes. Some of them are relatively innocent, some of the scooter stuff.

“For instance, I know Caleb [King] knew his license was suspended. He had no idea you had to have a license to ride a scooter. Now he should have known that; we probably should have told him. But we only had him about a week. We had Scooter 101 in our team meeting yesterday. We did have that.

“NaDerris [Ward] was sitting behind a car that was indecisive abnout what to do at an intersection where the light was green. He decided to go around like I think most everybody in America would probably do. He gets stopped. But he did have a valid license from California but he didn’t have it on his body.

“Nonetheless, those are laws and they were broken. Those things happen. But I’m not alarmed at all. I think we have a very disciplined football team. I think we have a great bunch of guys that really care about doing things right. I’m excited about them… . And now we have a Scooter Policy.”

I wonder who taught “Scooter 101”.

Next, the hopeful:

Brandon Miller: He said he’s probably up to 80 percent as far as knowing everything he has to know and being able to play full out on instinct. He said that’s up from 50 percent at the start of spring practice to 70 percent after that. So he picked up 10 percent over the summer.

How often does somebody ask him about the transition to MLB? “Every day. Every person I see asks me about it. But it’s good. It’s an honest question. I don’t mind.”

I really don’t mean this in a snide way, but I’d like to see Miller play on instinct. He’s physically gifted. But he’s been very quiet on the field to date.

Finally, that Thomas Brown is one tough son of a gun.

Thomas Brown, on the tailback competition and coming back from an ACL injury in nine months: “Anytime somebody new comes in [Knowshon Moreno, Caleb King], they’re going to be the hot topic. I don’t pay any attention to that. For me it’s more about proving I’ve recovered from the ACL. I’m back and better than ever. I’m not going to be timid and there’s not going to be a lack of mobility.”

Did he consider sitting out this season: “I never thought about it at all. I did my own research and I was able to determine that every ACL injury is different. To just tear the ACL like I did, 6 or 7 months and you’re pretty much done with rehab. Now it’s time to get ready to play.”


UPDATE: David Ching, as always, does his thing with an interview with Mike Bobo and a complete transcript of Coach Richt’s presser.

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