Hell hath no fury

Mr. Chris Rix Senior pens a letter to the Miami Herald.

A combination of religious references, bitterness and cluelessness, it’s worth a read.

He may be a legend to some people, but not to me. From the little I know, Christianity is based on God laying down His Son’s life for others, not sacrificing other peoples’ sons for your own. It’s not about dissing the 1st Commandment and having a statue built of yourself, and then, like Aaron, saying, ”the boosters made me do it.” Maybe, If God is watching, a 7-6 season is His way of polishing up the message “don’t have no graven images before Me.”

The clueless part?

Like that great recruiting line as we sat in his office in Jan. of 1999 and he said: ”I’ll treat your son just like my own son. . . .”

Hey, Mr. Rix, the joke’s on you. He did.

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  1. Wow. That dude is angry.

    I saw Chris Rix play in person on several occasions. That fella couldn’t it a 27 story Buckhead condo with a football on a consistent basis.