You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

What is it with some people? Why is having a good thing never quite enough?

First, this incredible diatribe from Clay Travis (h/t DawgsOnline):

For about a month I can forget that the relationship between college football’s power structure and their fans is broken more than any sport in America. That college football fans are going to turn out by the millions to root on their favored teams even though we know all along that each week is more like a trip to the dentist for a root canal than an actual enjoyable football experience.

What game has he been going to? Five conferences set attendance records in 2006. As for “broken relationships” between sports power structures and fans, get back with me when they cancel a college football season over a labor dispute, dipshit.

All of this leads to some exciting proposal he’s got (actually, it’s just something he’s borrowing from college basketball) about playing conference matchup games to spark the beginning of the season, but after a paragraph like that, he could suggest free football and I wouldn’t care. Truly asinine.

On a totally unrelated front, what do you do when you’ve got one of the most beautiful stadiums in college football in a unique setting that seats 60,000 fans and it’s filling up to about 80% of capacity (putting you 42nd nationally in attendance) ? Well, if you didn’t guess listen to a first year head coach – who had no previous relationship with your school other than to bring in an opponent to play you – push for an expansion of your stadium, you’d be wrong, sporto.

Butch Davis, who became Carolina’s coach in December, expressed excitement over the possibilities that the project would cost $100 million and would start within 18 months.

“We would like to get it going as soon as we can,” Kirschner said. “But the details? We’re not there yet. (Davis) threw out numbers and a time frame, and they may end up being what it is, but now it’s in the early stages of the process. But this is clearly a process we would like to get done.”

The stadium holds 60,000. University officials are talking about adding seats but haven’t decided how many or even if they will expand seating capacity.

They don’t know the cost. They don’t know the time frame. They don’t know how many seats to add. Or even if they will add. But, by God, they want to get ‘er goin’!

All of this is probably a metaphor for something. When I figure out what, I’ll let you know.

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