$1,100? And that’s without a tailgate.

Rivals has a piece up on the 50 hottest (or, most expensive, if you prefer) college games this year, according to ticket broker agency TicketCity.com.

The hottest game right now involves two unranked teams, Notre Dame and Penn State.   A mere $1,100.00 gets you in to that puppy.  (Memo to Clay Travis:  nobody scalps tickets to root canals.)

In fact, if you continue to wonder why Notre Dame continues to receive deference on a national level that isn’t justified by its play on the field, look no farther than this list.  Notre Dame holds four of the top five slots.

Georgia appears on the list three times:  at #9 (vs. Florida), #27 (at Georgia Tech) and #43 (vs. Oklahoma State).  Start saving your money.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)

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