Offensive line theme

See if you can catch the common concern in both of these quotes.

First, Mark Richt:

There is a concern, Richt indicated, that letting Sturdivant speak to the media would make the freshman a little full of himself.

“You might be first or second team, but that’s all we’ve got,” Richt said. “Sometimes they have a false sense of how far they’ve come. They’re just trying to prove what they can do and still learning the plays.”

Then, Mike Bobo:

Freshman Trinton Sturdivant is holding down the left tackle position, and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said coaches are pleased with Boling.

“Clint’s going to have to be ready to play today,” Bobo said. “Is he ready? No. He’s a freshman, but he’s all we’ve got.”

As ringing endorsements go, “that’s all we’ve got” leaves something to be desired. There’s still the better part of a month to fashion a working unit, though. I admit to having a good feeling about Searels. It may take a little time, but I think he’ll get them there before the meat of the schedule arrives.

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  1. Brian

    I noticed that today, too. Doesn’t exactly leave me feeling warm and fuzzy like I did earlier in the summer. But at least Searels has held on to his “us against everyone” attitude. No interviews for him, few for the OL. I hope all his yelling pays off.