Beatin’ that horse again: turnover margin

In a post at, “JudgeDawg” notes the following about Georgia’s defense in 2006:

Durng the stretch from UT through UK, when we lost our 4 games, opponents had 64 possessions. 17 began within our 50 and our goal lines, which was 26.6% of opponents possessions. We were 8-0 in the other 8 games. Opponents started 93 possessions, but only 9 started from the 50 in, which is 9.7% of the possessions. In those 8 games we gave up 9 TDs and 6 fgs, totalling 81 points (10.1 ppg).

The 5 games in which opponents began 26.6 % of possessions in our territory we gave up 18 TDs and 3 FGs, 135 points (27 ppg)For the year we gave up 27 TDs and 9 FGs (17.4 ppg)in 13 games. We gave up 6 TD drives of more than 70 yards. We gave up 1 FG drive of 70 or more yards and gave up 1 possession of 70 or more yards where the offense did not score, for a total of 8 drives of 70 or more yards.

Georgia was +6 in turnover margin in its nine wins last year. It was -7 in the four losses. Just to give some context, if you took the margin per game from the wins (0.67) and ranked it nationally for the year, Georgia would have been tied for 17th. The ratio in the losses (-1.75) would have put the Dawgs dead last out of 119 schools.


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2 responses to “Beatin’ that horse again: turnover margin

  1. peacedog

    Our D was definately better last year than it felt like at times (like Vandy and Kentucky marching down the field for victory late in their respective games against us). If the O had been a little more efficient and careful. . . well we still lose a couple, sure. But we likely sqeak out 10 wins last year.


  2. You could say much the same if Coutu hadn’t gotten hurt last year.