I said “grave danger?” You said “is there another kind?”

What to make of this?

Once again, Saban made it clear Tuesday afternoon that he’s upset at media members who have written about the Crimson Tide’s depth chart or the lack of one.During interviews Monday, wide receiver DJ Hall and quarterback John Parker Wilson volunteered — without being prompted or questioned about the depth chart — that sophomore wide receiver Mike McCoy worked with the No. 1 offense in Saturday’s scrimmage. Wilson also informed media members that Mike Johnson was working with the starting offense at right tackle. Backup quarterback Greg McElroy told media members that he worked exclusively with the No. 2 offense.

“If they make a comment about the depth chart, you’re just putting them in harm’s way,” Saban said. “We don’t have a depth chart and our players are not supposed to evaluate other players. You guys are going around the back door and you’re putting them on the spot and I don’t think that’s fair to them.

“We don’t have a depth chart now. I don’t know why (you) guys can’t get that out of your minds. The depth chart means nothing until the first game. Why does something have to be final before it’s final? It’s not final until we play the game and then it’s final for that game. Then it may change after that.

“You guys are so result-oriented. You have to know what it is right now and the final results. We’re still training for the race and trying to get everybody to improve.

“It’s not trying to keep a secret or not wanting anybody to know. From a competitive standpoint, I want all the players to feel like they have an opportunity and a chance.”

Of course it’s about trying to keep a secret. The question is, why does it matter? Anyone with any familiarity with college football knows that depth charts aren’t etched in stone. And as far as what the players feel, don’t they see who lines up with which team in practice every day?

So what’s with the media guilt trip with this “in harm’s way” BS?

It’s nothing more than that fetishistic secrecy that’s a hallmark of the Bill Belichick “I’m a genius, so I don’t have to tell you anything” school of football coaching. Somehow, I have a feeling that it’s going to wear a bit thin over time with an Alabama fan base that will expect a little more of a window into what’s going on with the program. Especially if Saban doesn’t win at least an SEC title in the next three years.


UPDATE: Jeebus, I swear I hadn’t seen this post before I wrote mine. Nick Saban and “A Few Good Men” references – that’s more than a little scary.

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