L’université, c’est moi.

I thought Steve Spurrier was coming on a bit too strong about admission standards a few days ago when he threatened to leave if he didn’t get his way, but compared to Clemmin’s Tommy Bowden, the Ol’ Ball Coach is positively restrained:

Spurrier nearly crossed the line when he challenged the USC administration. Bowden is out of bounds when he says all athletes eligible by NCAA standards should be admitted to Clemson.

“That’s what you’d like,” Bowden said. “They’re going to pay me all this money and put me in charge, then I’d like to make the decisions (about admissions).”

I bet he would.

In his mind, the school really shouldn’t have any say so in its own admissions standards because it ceded those away.

His claim is that a commission of university presidents several years ago established minimum NCAA guidelines for prospective athletes to be admitted to school. Thus, he says, schools should abide by those minimum standards.

“They took the presidents and they spent years and invested millions of dollars and said, OK, if he gets an 820 (SAT score) and 2.5 (GPA), for the most part, he can succeed in college,” Bowden said. “Now, who are we to say, wait a minute, no, no, not this school they can’t (be admitted and succeed). That’s where I have a problem.”

I never realized that setting minimum academic standards was so expensive. Tommy’s just trying to make sure everybody’s getting their money’s worth here – you pay him, you pay these other guys, the least you can do is use their positions to erode your own admission standards.

And it’s a good deal. The AD and the president thought they were spending all that money on Tommy’s salary to manage the football program. Little did they know that Tommy would offer a twofer for the money – he’ll run the admissions office, too. Sweet!

Actually, we may need to make that a threefer. It looks like Tommy’s also interested in doing a little lobbying work.

Near the end of his conversation with a couple of reporters Sunday, Bowden was told that the state of Mississippi has a court order that deals with special admissions for athletes. The order says that any prospective athlete eligible under NCAA standards must be admitted to a state supported school.

“I think that’s great legislation,” Bowden said, repeating for emphasis, “I think that’s great legislation.”


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  1. Mergz

    Any title with a Louis XIV reference will get me reading.


  2. I thought about a Bush “decider” reference, but I liked this better.

    Anyway you look at it, TB is pretty full of himself here.


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