Pundit speak with forked tongue.

Dennis Dodd, college football expert (just ask CFN!), has a column up today praising/sympathizing with Washington’s tough 2007 schedule. He could have stopped while he was ahead, but, nope, he’s got to get in the always popular cheap shot about SEC scheduling:

Congratulations on this front, Todd: Playing this schedule means you have more stones than your average SEC AD, most of whom are busy cutting non-conference guarantee checks to the Nicholls States of the world.

Except in the same damned article, he posts this chart ranking the conferences by strength of schedule:

Rating by Conferences
Conference Avg*
1. SEC 13.25
2. Big East 23.63
3. Pac-10 25.50
4. Big Ten 43.04
5. Big 12 49.75
6. ACC 63.79
7. Mountain West 67.55
8. WAC 74.66
9. Conference USA 91.91
10. MAC 106.23
11. Sun Belt 107.50
*Average strength of schedule rankings

In case that chart isn’t clear enough for us, Dodd goes on to write that the

… SEC has the toughest schedule strength as a conference largely because nine of its 12 teams went to bowls last season. The league has nine of the top 16 teams in this season’s rankings. All 12 teams are in the top 27. Defending champion Florida is 25th. [Emphasis added.]

That, my friends, is known as talking out of both sides of your arse.

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