But there aren’t any brackets!

Something to ponder about the ’07 AP preseason poll, per the AJ-C‘s Tony Barnhart:

There is a mini-playoff: Except for Southern Cal, every team in the Top 10 has to play another Top 10 team in the regular season. No. 2 LSU plays two (No. 9 Virginia Tech, No. 6 Florida). No. 3 West Virginia plays No. 10 Louisville. No. 4 Texas plays No. 8 Oklahoma. No. 5 Michigan plays No. 7 Wisconsin. Southern Cal plays No. 12 California, No. 14 UCLA and No. 20 Nebraska.


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2 responses to “But there aren’t any brackets!

  1. This is a red herring.


  2. That’s a pretty convoluted and chaotic bracket if you ask me because we are assuming the polls are right, which they rarely are.

    I get what you’re saying, but its a huge stretch to buy it as the say all for determining college football’s elite.

    There is a better way and it doesn’t have to be a complete over-haul of the system.