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The Tuscaloosa Inquisition

I fear for Simeon Castille. He’s facing the dreaded Peer Intervention Group for his misdeeds and no doubt a tough example will be set with whatever the punishment of the starting cornerback turns out to be. (Not that Saban will let anyone know.)

Wait a minute – he’s a member of the Peer Intervention Group.

Funny how life works sometimes, innit?


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EZ on the ears

Dawg fans, your new road broadcast crew for 2007 is… Scott Howard and Eric Zeier.

I’ll give ’em the benefit of the doubt, but initially this strikes me as a bland choice at best.  I’d also assume these guys have a leg up on the whole enchilada once Munson retires for good.   I don’t think he’ll have to worry about being overshadowed.

Meanwhile, I’ll pine for my first choice.


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Toobin’ – around and about the ‘Net

In no particular order of importance:

  • If you remain unconvinced that there are no good guys in the battle between Comcast and the Big Ten Network, this ought to get you off the fence.   Truly lame.
  • No, stupid.  No.
  • If you’re a fan of those “if each school in the conference was a [fill in the blank], here’s what they’d be” pieces, check out this comparison of the members of the Big Ten to cars.  Jim Delany wouldn’t approve, but it’s both brutal and hilarious.  (h/t Eleven Warriors)
  • And at USC Trojan Football Analysis, there’s a post up by the late Bill Walsh about game planning.  It will take a while to wade through it, but as you might expect, it’s pretty interesting.

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Steeleoid for Wednesday

Vanderbilt is 0-14 vs. Spurrier coached teams (0-2 vs. Duke, 0-10 vs. FL and 0-2 vs. SC).

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Cure for insomnia: Lou Holtz at 2 AM

25 straight hours of college football pregame on ESPN? Holy mother of crap… how can they keep the Yankees/Red Sox off that long?


UPDATE: Looks like I wasn’t kidding about Granny.   And why isn’t Bob Davie invited to the ND funfest?  Or Tyrone Willingham?

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