You can’t make this stuff up, Gamecock edition.

There is something so delightfully wacky about South Carolina fans – who really do deserve better than the miserable hand they’ve been dealt over the past two decades or so, at least – and the way they’ll hunt for a glimmer of that silver lining in the darkest of clouds.

Today’s example arises from the suspension of starting QB Blake Mitchell from the opener against Louisiana-Lafayette because he’s not going to class.   I can only imagine the OBC’s irritation over a senior with Mitchell’s track record pulling something like this.

But maybe it’s just that I’ve got the wrong kind of imagination.  Here’s the question posted by someone at one of the Gamecock boards in response to the news:

Do you think it’s an excuse to not show the full 1st string in a cupcake game and break loose in the UGA game?

Yeah – that’s it.  Because, like, Georgia’s never seen Blake Mitchell play in a college game before.  Seriously, who else thinks like this?

Besides, I’ve already explained why the Dawgs have nothing to fear from Blake this season.


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3 responses to “You can’t make this stuff up, Gamecock edition.

  1. It’s hard for me to feel too bad for a team that is 2-0 in bowl games against the Buckeyes in the last eight years.


  2. OSU is the fuel that’s fed these guys’ delusions for the past few years, I’m afraid.

    That’s another sin the Big Ten will have to answer for one day. 😉


  3. I hope so. That team needs to focus on staying out of trouble. Rough week.