Law and order in Tuscaloosa

Interesting news concerning the details surrounding the arrests of some ‘Bama boys in Tuscaloosa on July 14:

… The July 14 incident allegedly began when players grew angry over being denied entry into The Legacy due to the club’s dress code. Police said they refused to leave the area, prompting “an unwanted guest” call to police.

According to the report filed by University of Alabama Police, Upchurch became agitated during the dispute and yelled repeated obscenities. He was subjected to pepper spray and “became verbally abusive toward (the) officer.”

According to UAPD, when officers told Upchurch that his coach could be called if he didn’t start cooperating, he replied, “F— him and f— y’all,” the report stated. After another warning from police, Upchurch allegedly said that “UAPD officers don’t mean s— to him.”

So this kid is given the opportunity to walk away after being subjected to pepper spray by the cops, gets another chance after that, and still can’t take a hint. He’s lucky that there’s not a criminal stupidity statute in Alabama.

Please take a moment to compare that approach with the arrest of Akeem Hebron in a similar setting, although ultimately a far less confrontational one with the cops. (For that matter, they lock kids up in Athens for riding scooters.) As for the end result regarding Upchurch, only Saban will know for sure.

Yep, boys, they’s a new sheriff in Tuscaloosa these days. He’s the guy with the crimson “A” on his chest.

Nick Saban, photographed directing a miscreant to the team’s Peer Intervention Group for what will undoubtedly be a severe tongue-lashing. (Police not required.)

(h/t SEC Fanhouse)


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2 responses to “Law and order in Tuscaloosa

  1. “He’s lucky that there’s not a criminal stupidity statute in Alabama.”
    He’s lucky? Hell, the whole damned state is lucky.


  2. I’ve been waiting for someone to turn on that fastball all day. 😉