‘Yo Vinny, what’s on the tube tonight?

We all know that college football isn’t the passion in the northeast that it is down here, but these numbers are still downright amazing:

Consider this: Last year, New York ranked 54th among the 55 large TV markets measured in Nielsen’s “overnight” ratings for Saturday night college football on ABC, edging out only Providence.

We also were next-to-last for ESPN2 games, trailed only by Sacramento.

We soared to 47th for ESPN games, with Sacramento again coming in at No. 55.

What about when it really counted, for the BCS Championship Game on Fox?

We ranked 52nd, with 11.1 percent of households watching.

That beat Buffalo, Providence and Richmond, but was behind Hartford and Albuquerque. (In Columbus, 49.7 percent of homes watched the Buckeyes get spanked by Florida.)

It’s tough when all you’ve got to play is a long time doormat like Rutgers to generate interest, but that’s the hand college football’s been dealt in the Big Apple.   It’ll be interesting to see if Rutgers’ national TV appearances rise in the next few years, assuming it remains competitive.

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