The late, great class of 2007

Rivals has a list up showing the class of 2007 recruits who did not enroll or have not yet enrolled in school for the fall.

There are a whopping 44 SEC signees on the list, led by Auburn with 10 (!). That’s the most from any BCS conference by far. (The next closest conference is the Big XII, at 22.) Only three SEC schools managed to enroll their entire classes – Florida, Georgia and Vanderbilt.

I guess those recruiting rankings will need to be revisited.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


UPDATE: LD takes offense at the implications of The Wiz’ post and runs with the ball from there. It’s a worthy rant.


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4 responses to “The late, great class of 2007

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    What are the odds that the 3 SEC institutions with the highest-regarded academics are the only 3 that enroll their entire recruiting classes?


  2. I suspect what the three have in common is very good communication between their admission offices and coaching staffs.

    But, yeah, I noticed that, too.


  3. It’s really a reflection of the high school educational systems in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina that we have to recruit some marginal academic kids.

    Once you get out of the affluent ATL suburbs, the educational system in this state is a joke. For us to pull an entire class of qualifiers is a miracle.

    And I don’t see us repeating that feat any time soon.


  4. I can’t argue with what you say, pwd. The only thing I’d add is that it seems like some of the SEC coaches really tried to stretch things this year.

    Auburn’s number by itself is pretty amazing. And USC’s seven looks bad compared to Clemmins’ two.

    Some of those kids will count in next year’s rankings, of course, if they make it in from prep schools.