Don’t let the smooth taste fool you.

With the first game comes the first tailgate.

With the first tailgate comes the first cold beer of the season.

Which brings me to a brief plug that ESPN’s Pat Forde made in his column for a microbrewed beer called Old Chub. His description of it as “a revelatory Scottish Ale brewed in Lyons, Colo., and, heretically, distributed in cans. But don’t let the aluminum fool you: It’s a fabulously rich ale that would make great tailgate consumption…” is spot on, although I don’t think you have to wait until October to enjoy it.

One other notable point about Old Chub: it’s a high gravity beer, with an alcohol content of 8%.

If you prefer hoppier tasting brews, that’s OK. The same brewery has the answer for that in Dale’s Pale Ale.

I’ll usually bring a six-pack of each to Athens. (No, I don’t drink by myself.) Between the taste and the convenience of cans – don’t be a snob about that – they’re the best tailgaiting beverages I’ve consumed. Highly recommended.

Old Chub, the beer… as opposed to old chub, the beer drinker

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