First impressions: LSU/MSU

Overall, no major surprises, just a few smaller ones.

Mississippi State

  • I honestly don’t know why it hasn’t dawned on Sylvester Croom at this point that his offense doesn’t work. Whether that’s due to scheme or personnel – or, more likely, a combination of both – is arguable, but what isn’t is that this is what he’s had going on for several seasons now.
  • They really are in awful shape at the QB position, with Henig and a true freshman as the top two options.
  • The defense looks competent by SEC standards (that’s a compliment). But it’s gonna be ground down game after game by the incompetency of the offense.


  • Early Doucet looked impressive. The rest of the offense, not so much. There may be some real issues with the right side of the offensive line.
  • It’s hard to judge given the quality of the MSU offense, but LSU’s defense looked pretty stout. Dorsey is impressive, to say the least.
  • I liked the decision to go for the TD at the end of the first half. Given the way the MSU offense was performing, it wasn’t that big a risk. Weighing that against the chance to knock the legs out from under the Bulldogs, it was the right call to make.


UPDATE:  Yrrch.  Methinks the Good Ship Croom is starting to take on water at an alarming rate.

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2 responses to “First impressions: LSU/MSU

  1. I really don’t understand why Croom wants his team to be something they aren’t offensively. West Coast offense? I mean get serious. They haven’t had a QB or WRs to run a West Coast offense at any point in his 4 years. At best, they’re a spread option team.

    If I’m him, I put my best athlete at QB and take my chances with the spread option like ARK with Matt Jones.

    He’s a stubborn, silly old man who will be extremely unemployed within days of Thanksgiving.


  2. Along those lines, if Croom goes, the guy MSU ought to hire is Paul Johnson. Any coach who can make Navy reputable can do at least that with MSU.